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IC Davorin Jenko 2017

Tomislav Špoljar


Chamber Jury


Trumpeter, artistic director of the Velika Gorica Brass Festival.

Tomislav Špoljar has started to play trumpet at age 6. He finished Music Academy of the University of Zagreb. During his studies he attended numerous masterclasses of eminent trumpet players (Steuart, Tarr, Dokshitzer, Groth, Nilsson, Touvron, Vizzutti, Thibaud, André, Tarkövi, Agnas, Hardenberger...), and after his studies he took private lessons with T.Plog, P.Thibaud, G.Geiger, D.Baldwin and T.Reiner. He is constantly seeking for broadening trumpet repertoire so he is cooperating with numerous composers and has initiated a lot of new compositions wich are dedicated to him (E.Ewazen: Trio for trumpet, cello and piano, J.Stephenson: Trio „Croatian“ for trumpet, flute and piano, L.Saglie: Sonatine, A.Klobučar: March, S.Stojanović: Trio No.9 for trumpet, violin and harpsichord, H.Wessman: Sonata for cornet…). In 2008. He gave a New York premiere of E.Ewazen's Trio for trumpet, cello and piano at Juilliard School of Music and in 2014. He premiered the same piece with the trombone instead of cello (with James Lebens on trombone and Eric Ewazen on piano). He also found a forgoten work Elevation Op.71 for trumpet and organ by croatian composer who lived in USA B.Kunc. He promotes trumpet and brass instruments in Croatia since brass instruments in his homeland are not so popular. He initiated four trumpet studios aprooved by the ministry of culture. He is most active as a pedagougue but also is giving concerts and workshops (Minnesota-USA, Albania, Israel, Romania). He is seeked member of juries for various competitions (Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, USA). He is runing a brass festival in the city of Velika Gorica as an artistic director since 2007.