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IC Davorin Jenko 2017

Marin Zokić


Trumpet Jury

Professor at the Music academy in Zagreb.

MARIN ZOKIĆ plays the first trumpet in Zagreb philharmonic orchestra. He was born in Split where he got his primary and secondary music education in the class of professor Ante Puharić. He graduated from Music academy of Zagreb in the class of professor Stanko Selak. His talent was upgraded at International trumpet academy in Bremen with the distinguished soloists, orchestral artists and pedagogues. During his studies in Bremen Zokić was participating in the projects by Bremen philharmonic orchestra and opera.

So far he has had solo performances with numerous Croatian orchestras: Zagreb philharmonic orchestra, Croatian chamber orchestra, Varaždin chamber orchestra, Croatian navy orchestra from Split, Zadar chamber orchestra. He was the solo trumpet player in Croatian military orchestra and the solo trumpet player in Symphonic orchestra of the Croatian radio and television (HRT). Since 1998 Zokić is the first trumpet player in Zagreb philharmonic orchestra. Along with numerous solo performances he nurtures chamber music. He also does pedagogical work; he is a senior lecturer at The Music academy in Zagreb. He maintains trumpet summer school on the island of Brač in Croatia on regular basis. He is a member of panels in Croatian and international competitions.